12:00 – Mass with the young people and salesian family members

After meeting young people of different houses of Uganda, the RM celebrates for them a mass with the archbishop of Kampala archdiocese and other priests present, salesians and diocesans.

The Gospel is presented in a sauce pan covered with banana leaves as would be presented the local way of cooking “Matooke”, a staple food of Ugandan people.

“I like the way you have presented the Gospel. It shows you treasure the Word of God.“ Said the RM

The RM raises a question that doesn’t need a loud answer; to be answered in our hearts: “Did you meet Jesus”?

The archbishop of Kampala said, “on behalf of the clergy in Uganda, I welcome you here Don Angel Fernandez Artime, the 1st Spaniard to be salesian Rector Major and the X successor of Don Bosco. […] The word of thanks to the salesians of Don Bosco for the contribution to evangelization and education to the youth of Uganda”

After the mass, the new parish offices are blessed.

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